Ariel Salleh

Prof Dr Ariel Salleh is a Senior Research Fellow in the DFG-Group Post-Growth Societies, Institute for Sociology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and Honorary Associate in Political Economy at the University of Sydney, Australia. She was Associate Professor in Social Inquiry at University of Western Sydney for a number of years and has lectured at New York University; the Institute for Intercultural Studies, Manila; York University, Canada; and Lund University, Sweden. She served on the Governing Board of the International Sociological Association Research Committee for Environment & Society from 2002-2006; co-founded the Movement Against Uranium Mining; The Greens; and more recently was on the Australian Government's Gene Technology Ethics Committee. Her 'embodied materialism' and theory of 'meta-industrial labour' is developed in Ecofeminism as Politics (London: Zed, 1997), Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice (London: Pluto, 2009), and some 150 articles and reprints. Related work has appeared in Routledge, Earthscan, OUP, and Rowman, anthologies and in the journals Environmental Ethics (US), Capitalism Nature Socialism (US), Arena (AU), New Left Review (UK), Organization & Environment (US), Environmental Politics (UK), and The Commoner (UK). Salleh is on several editorial boards and a former senior editor of Capitalism Nature Socialism. Her sex-gendered critiques of eco-socialism, deep and social ecology, liberal and postmodern feminism have provoked international debate. Some of this is available in Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese.


Honorary Associate Professor Ariel Salleh, Department of Political Economy,
School of Social & Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney, New South Wales 2006, Australia

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