Ariel Salleh

Ariel Salleh is Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Humanities, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa; former Senior Fellow in Post-Growth Societies, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany and Research Associate in Political Economy, University of Sydney, Australia.

Dr Salleh's transdisciplinary writing is seminal to political ecology as an emerging study of humanity-nature relations. Her 'embodied materialist' approach emphasises the centrality of reproductive or regenerative labour in the world system. By restoring value to local everyday care giving skills and indigenous knowledges, Salleh re-examines social justice and sustainability questions like climate change and neoliberal green economics Her theoretical work draws on activist experience in anti-nuclear politics, water catchments, biodiversity protection, and support for Asia-Pacific women creating eco-sufficient community alternatives. Salleh is currently writing a multi-volume critique of discourses in environmental thought. Her sex-gendered critiques of ecosocialism, deep and social ecology, liberal and postmodern feminism have provoked international debate. Some of this is available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Danish, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese. She has been shortlisted for the International Sociological Association Buttel Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Sociology.

Dr Salleh was Associate Professor in Social Inquiry at the University of Western Sydney for a number of years and has lectured widely, including New York University; Institute for Inter-Cultural Studies, Manila; York University, Canada; and Lund University, Sweden. She co-founded the Movement Against Uranium Mining in Australia; The Greens (reg. party); served on the Australian Government's Gene Technology Ethics Committee; and the International Sociological Association Research Committee for Environment & Society from 2002-2006. Salleh is a founding member of the Global Sustainability University: Her theory of an embodied materialism and meta-industrial labour is developed in Ecofeminism as Politics (1997/2017), Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice (2009), and some 200 chapters and articles in the Journal of World Systems Research (US), Globalizations (UK), Environmental Ethics (US), Arena (AU), New Left Review (UK), Organization & Environment (US), Environmental Politics (UK), and The Commoner (UK); with reprints in Routledge, Earthscan, OUP, Rowman, and Palgrave MacMillan anthologies. Salleh is on several editorial boards and is a former Senior Editor of the US journal Capitalism Nature Socialism

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